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Proof Of Concept

Proof Of Concept

Build , Migrate

Build , Migrate


Our consultants and highly experienced specialists can help you unlock the power of data in your organization. Whether you are in the beginning of your project and need advice on solutioning, or in the middle of implementation and need staff augmentation, we are here to give you objective, practical advice.

Proof of Concept

CubeAngle offers effective Proof of Concept (POC) services that allows you to explore the application of cutting edge technology to solve your business challanges. We will work closely with your team to quickly and safely test out new ideas, and infuse digital innovation into your IT to future-proof your business and stay ahead of competition.

Build, Migrate

CubeAngle takes pride in building highly available and scalable end-to-end data solutions. We can help you build from scratch or migrate your current applicaitons. We can also train your team to utilize the AWS ecosystem of tools and technologies.



Azarbod - Your Software Partner for Life

“We made a strategic decision to move our ERP application and the infrastructure behind it to the cloud to be able to grow faster and provide a more secure and reliable service to our clients and make sure we do not become a bottleneck as our customer grow their business and push more data into our application .”

Mahmoud Zare, President

CubeAngle helped migrate our data and databases to the cloud. Our operation overhead in significantly decreased as we don't have to worry about the maintenance and scaling of our databases.

At Finastra our goal is to improve productivity and gain a much better visibility into our student loan data.

“As we continue to collect data from various sources, and different formats, the BI team finds our relational database cannot scale, and report generation time keeps increasing. We realize that traditional data management and access technologies cannot meet our SLA and OLA. In addition our current environment doesn't foster innovation and allow rapid experimentation with the data.”

Jeanne Jin, BI and Reporting Team Lead

CubeAngle is helping us to build a Data Lake for our ever growing data and migrate our BI platform to the cloud. This will allow us to store the data in its original format and make it available to different teams to come up with new business use cases.

Parsai Immigration Services (PIS) has helped thousands of applicants with their Canadian visa, eTA, study permit, work permit, immigration, and citizenship applications."

“As part of immigration application PIS collects a lot of information from prospects. Once the information is collected we need to make sure the form is complete, accurate, and mistake-free. This step is very important since this information helps us to determine if an individual is eligible to immigrate to Canada or not. The challenge for us is that we have to have dedicated staff to spend hours in sorting through all that data and find anomalies."

Al Parsai, Chif Executive Officer

Leveraging cloud infrastructure and technologies, CubeAngle built an online application for PIS to collect data in a secure and reliable fashion.

The application utilizes Machine Learning algorithms to implement a Business Rules Engine that keeps evolving, adds new rules and can detect and report anomalies automatically freeing up the staff time to focus on higher value-add work as opposed to data scrubbing and cleaning.

Parsai Immigration Services
Global School of Corporate Excellence (GSCE) is committed to providing world-class training, innovation and career development, through superior course delivery experience and best in class material and instructors.

"Our goal is to provide a secure, responsive, and state of the art experience to GSCE audience through our online portal, however since we are in the early stages of client on-boarding our challenge is that we don't have a clear estimate of future traffic and peak hours and we don't want spend capital for infrastructure upfront. We need an environment that is elastic and can grow as we register more students and offer more courses."

Golshid Shambayati, Operations Manager

CubeAngle developed a road map for GSCE to build a cloud-first infrastructure and leverage the elasticity, agility, and security of the cloud.

Once the implementation is complete GSCE will be able to add more servers, storage, and network bandwidth in minutes as they are facing more demand.

In addition they can significantly decrease their operation costs, by downsizing their I.T department and invest on building and growing their business and reach out to more markets while maintaining their service level standards.


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