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Migrate your Microsoft SQL Server-based App.

Why Choose AWS and CubeAngle for running Line-of-Business Apps?

Business Applications are leaving the traditional datacenters behind. The database is the foundation for almost every enterprise application and it is essentially the functional core of the business.

In simplest form databases are where business records are stored, analyzed, and reported to ensure that revenue-generating processes are functional and accurate. At CureAngle we have years of experience building applications with Microsoft SQL Server at the core and we can help you to migrate/build mission critical business applications on AWS Cloud.

Leveraging Amazon RDS for SQL Server with help clients meet their scalability requirements for their business applications while reducing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). By using Amazon RDS, most complicated DBA tasks like Replication, Mirroring, Backup and Recovery are handled so you can focus on your business logic.

CubeAngle automates all of this tasks for you and helps you optimize your queries and indexes for better performance. Our consultants will migrate your data and schema to AWS and help you integrate your application with other services like Amazon Cloudwatch for logging, IAM for access management, and Amazon KMS for encryption.

  • We can help you with:

  • Building your Line of Business apps in the cloud
  • Building efficient Data Pipelines
  • Automating your workloads
Line-of-Business Applications

Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) is a fully managed service for SQL Server that automatically patches the database software and backs up your database, storing the backups for a retention period you define, and enables point-in-time recovery.

Benefits of hosting Line-of-Business Apps on AWS with CubeAngle?

You will retain the same controls as you have with your on-premises environment and more. Using AWS services you can automate your infrastructure scaling, Replication, Backup, and many more administration tasks

Using AWS robust infrastructure that is built for high availability and fault tolerance you are sure to meet any SLAs

AWS is certified for many industry standards and regulatory requirements like HIPAA, PCI, and many more which saves you a lot of time and resources to meet your regulatory and compliance requirements without spending capital

If you want to learn more about Business Application and have a session with our Database Migration team we would like to hear from you.
As an AWS Consulting Partner we offer a safe and smooth transition to cloud.