Why choose AWS and CubeAngle for Big Data?

Nowadays, companies want to have access to the data as fast as possible and micro-batch and streaming analysis are new norms. On the other hand, data is being produced at a rate that the traditional frameworks for collecting, storing, and analyzing the data are no longer appropriate. CubeAngle is specialized in building Enterprise Data Warehouse and Big Data applications on AWS cloud using services like Amazon S3, Amazon EMR and Amazon Redshift, and Amazon Data Pipeline. We can empower your data scientists to delve into huge amount of raw data and come up with new use cases and scenarios that your business can generate revenue. By building end-to-end solution for both your Structured and Unstructured data you will have access to full spectrum of data with various structures and latencies at your disposal. In addition our consultants, can help you with other Data Management challenges like Data Lineage, Meta Data, Security, and Data Cataloging.

We can help you with:

  • Designing and building Big Data applications
  • Designing and building Data Warehouse applications
  • Developing Data Transformation scripts and packages
  • Standing up your infrastructure on AWS cloud

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Big Data

Turn your organization’s data into valuable information with Amazon Web Services. You can transform archived, current, or future application data into an asset to help your business. AWS provides Big Data tools that let your teams be more productive, so it’s easier to try new things, and roll out projects sooner.

What can you do with Big Data on AWS with CubeAngle?

If you want to learn more about Big Data and have a session with our Database Migration team we would like to hear from you.

As an AWS Consulting Partner we offer a safe and smooth transition to cloud.

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